Thursday, 16 July 2009

"As God once said, and I think rightly..."

That's a genuine Margaret Thatcher quote. Classic. I found it while I was searching for good quotes from famous people about life, religion, belief, etc.

You see, yesterday and today, we've been working on some videos for a big church event that's happening in our city next week, called "Love Dundee". I've been searching for quotes that could be used in one of the vids, while Stu's been pulling together clips from classic, instantly-recognisable movies (like The Matrix, or Pirates of the Caribbean).

Many won't know this already, but our office is actually in the vestry of a church on the Perth Road, Dundee. The church is called Gate Church International and both Stu and I are really involved in the work that goes on there. We're both Christians (Shock! Horror! Please don't run away screaming, atheists and liberals!) and can tell you why, but that's for another blog.

The church use the vestry on Sundays as their room for live internet broadcast of services, and they have some cool computers and software. We made a deal with them, where we get to use the office rent-free, but have to make video announcements for them every week (plus the odd major event like this one coming up).

I'm telling you this, because it's a really cool thing to think about if you're starting out in film-making. What people or organisations do you know, or have links with, that have amazing equipment or studio space you could borrow/use/hire, etc.?

Think creatively! Not just about the content of your films, but how to get them made too! My band just finished a demo, and we managed to get some sweet recording time at Abertay University by offering the free use of our tracks in videos produced by their "Whitespace" team (which means we also got free advertising!!!).

A wise friend in business recently said to me that "money should never be an excuse not to do something", and he was right. If you have a creative goal, don't write it off just because it's too expensive. There's (nearly) always a way.



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Courtney said...

awesome encouragement! keep up the great, mighty work!

america ;-)