Monday, 18 May 2009

Some Work and No Play Makes... sheesh, I'm bored of typing...

Brothers and Sisters of Blogdom.


I am writing to you after what was possibly the slowest week in the history of man alive. At least since the "tuna digestive" famine of 2007 (a bleak period indeed).

Our productivity hit an all-time low, we had to film exterior shots for a promo of incredibly dry subject matter in weather of an incredibly wet persuasion, and, speaking of persuasion, I even got a bit confused...

In other news, we watched Star Trek, saw the end of LOST - Series 5, and worked on a new, innovative and, above all, scientific approach to dieting. Oh, and I went undercover at the X-factor auditions in Glasgow. So stay tuned to our blogs, 'cos there should be more on these things later and they'll be worth the wait. I'm SURE of it.


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