Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tax Doesn't Have to be Taxing, but it F***ing is!


Tax is a flaming (that's the starred-out word in the title, obviously) nuisance! This week we finally caught up on a year's worth of "book-keeping", and sent off some forms to the inland revenue, who were trying to fine us £100 (each!) for not filling in yet ANOTHER form they'd never sent us or even told us about! Every form was as pointless as the next one and contained the EXACT same information. One even started with our business name and tax reference number, then proceeded to ask for our business name and tax reference. Twice!

My tax fury was so intense that I had to let Stu take over for a little bit while I went outside to smash a bin lid to pieces with a spanner.

Still, some good news as Matt, Ben and Buscemi will finally be making it to the small screen sometime in the next couple of weeks on Paramount Comedy. We actually cringe watching it now, but it's still exciting!

Below is another of our recent sketches. We've been firing out 3 a week, so keep checking to stay up-to-date. Like all sketch stuff, these are pretty hit-or-miss, but let us know what you think! Constructive criticism is always welcome, and even insults can be funny.

Catch you later.



keangove said...

"The daily meanderings of those who lurk behind the lens" love it! just noticed you guys have this page... and i agree that tax is a big pain!


Transatlanticism said...

what? that was funny though.