Monday, 17 November 2008

Sheep vs Man - Get a Good Camera!

In the month of August, man ALIVE Studios had a visit from the wise and mighty Justyn Rowe (of MediaJR in Florida). He became our very own Yoda, dispensing production wisdom with every utterance. We learned a great deal from working with Justyn, but one of the first things he spoke to us about was the importance of getting a really good camera.

Most of our work up to that point had been with the Sony HDR-SR1, which is not a bad little piece of hardware, but Justyn showed us some of the work he'd been doing with his own camera and it blew our minds. Take a look at this daft video we did below to see what we mean - it's just us running around in a field being idiots, while Justyn takes some footage without putting any real effort in...

Look how beautiful the image is!

Anyway, Justyn pointed us in the direction of the Sony EX1. More on that later!


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